react-app-rewired module enabling yarn workspaces
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$ cnpm install react-app-rewire-workspaces 
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A react-app-rewired module enabling yarn workspaces in create-react-app projects


Install the package:

yarn add -D react-app-rewire-workspaces

Make sure you also have react-app-rewired installed:

yarn add -D react-app-rewired

It's also recommended that you install customize-cra as it's the easiest way to consume react-app-rewire-workspaces:

yarn add -D customize-cra


react-app-rewired is driven by a config-overrides.js file in the root of your CRA directory. From there, we can import enableWorkspaces from react-app-rewire-workspaces and call it:

const enableWorkspaces = require('react-app-rewire-workspaces')

module.exports = function override(config, env) {
  config = enableWorkspaces()(config, env)

  return config

It's even easier if you use customize-cra:

const {override} = require('customize-cra')
const enableWorkspaces = require('react-app-rewire-workspaces')

module.exports = override(enableWorkspaces())

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