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$ cnpm install rc-list-framework 
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React antd list-framework

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  • support ie8,ie8+,chrome,firefox,safari




ListFramework props

name description type default
className additional css class of root dom node String ''
childrenButtons In front of the list of additional action button Array []
data The list of the original data Array []
loading The data load state Boolean false
children Additional content in front of the list Any
table Form the configuration of the description, specific see the table below TableProps[] -
pagination Paging the configuration of the description, specific see the table below PaginationProps[] -
modal Modal the configuration of the description, specific see the table below ModalProps[] -
initData Preload data function Func () => {}
loadDataHandle Load the data processing function Fun () => {}

Table props

name description type default
bordered 是否展开外边框和列边框 boolean false
colums 表格列的配置描述,具体详见 ColumnProps[] -
components 覆盖默认的table元素 object -
dataSource 数据数组 any[]
defaultExpandAllRows 初始时,是否展开所有行 boolean false
defaultExpandedRowKeys 默认展开的行 string[] -
expandedRowKeys 展开的行,控制属性 string[] -
expandRowByClick 通过点击行来展开子行 boolean false
expandedRowRender expandedRowRender Function(record):ReactNode
expandRowByClick expandRowByClick boolean false
footer 表格尾部 Function(currentPageData)
indentSize 展示树形数据时,每层缩进的宽度,以 px 为单位 number 15
loading loading boolean object (更多)
locale 默认文案设置,目前包括排序、过滤、空数据文案 object filterConfirm: '确定' filterReset: '重置' emptyText: '暂无数据' 默认值
pagination 分页器,配置项参考 pagination,设为 false 时不展示和进行分页 object
rowClassName 表格行的类名 Function(record, index):string
rowKey 表格行 key 的取值,可以是字符串或一个函数 string Function(record):string
rowSelection rowSelection object null
scroll 横向或纵向支持滚动,也可用于指定滚动区域的宽高度:{{ x: true, y: 300 }} object -
showHeader 是否显示表头 boolean true
size 正常或迷你类型,default or small string default
title 表格标题 Function(currentPageData)
onChange 分页、排序、筛选变化时触发 Function(pagination, filters, sorter)
onExpand 点击展开图标时触发 Function(expanded, record)
onExpandedRowsChange 展开的行变化时触发 Function(expandedRows)
onHeaderRow 设置头部列属性 Function(column, index)
onRow 设置列属性 Function(record, index)

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