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$ cnpm install raistlin 
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Raistlin is a dev- & buildtool for React and browserify.

It seeks to provide a great starting point for your React apps and components. It has the following features:

  • development server :rocket:
  • hot-reloading :fire: :recycle:
  • tales :sparkles: (similar to react-storybook)
  • building & bundling :package:

Raistlin is named after the wizard Raistlin Majere from the Dragonlance universe.



npm install -g raistlin


Create a new app using the init cmd.

raistlin init 

Notice how raistlin works together with npm-run-scripts.

  "scripts": {
    "start": "raistlin start app/dom.js --hot"
npm start

You now have :sparkles: with babelification and hot reloading up and running on http://localhost:8080 :rocket: :horse:


You don't have to use raistlin init to use raistlin but it's highly recommended. It will include some required config in package.json etc.



raistlin init

Initialize a basic app layout in the taste of Raistlin Majere. Feel free to use it as a starting point and move things around to feed your own :monkey:.

package.json    // Created package.json with a few extras
.gitignore      // .gitignore with a few good defaults
dist/           // Builds ready for distribution go here 
app/            // Your app <3
app/dom.js      // ReactDOM.render(<App />)
app/app.js      // App entrypoint
tales/          // Tales app (see below)
tales/tales.js  // Authored tales go here
.raistlin/      // Temporary build folder

CLI Options

None for now.


raistlin start <entrypoint> <options>

Start the browserify development server. It uses watchify, babelify and browserify-hmr by default.

CLI Options

--hot              // Include the hot reloading (boolean flag)
--out <output>     // Where to output the build (defaults to magic place)
--static <folder>  // Folder for the static files (defaults to magic place)
--port <port>      // Port to bind (default 8080)
--host <host>      // Host to bind (default

Passing additional options to browserify

raistlin start app.js -- -t imgurify

Options passed after -- will be forwarded to browserify.


raistlin build <entrypoint> --out <output>

Build your app using browserify without the debug flag and with appropriate NODE_ENV and BABEL_ENV.

CLI Options

--out  // Where to output the build (required)


raistlin bundle <build> --out <output>

Bundles your app using uglifyjs.

CLI Options

--out  // Where to output the bundle (required)


Tales is a feature inspired by react-storybook. It's a simple app that will allow you to render your app/component in different states easily. It is added to your app if you do raistlin init.

Give it a try and give us some feedback. :sparkles:


2.0.1 - 2.0.3

  • Minor cleanups, fixes and improvements


  • Loosing up the conventions
  • Allow any browserify transform
  • Added raistlin init command to layout basic app
  • Support for tales (inspired by react-storybook)


  • start is no longer using -h and -p as abbr for host and port since --help was eating -h


  • Don't remember. Had no changelog.


  • Initial release


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