Table functionality in QuillJS using Containers.
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$ cnpm install quill-table 
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QuillJS table

Test lab for creating TABLE functionality in QuillJS using Containers.

Code of quill is included in project so we can easily play with it in our tests.


const quillTable = require('quill-table');

Quill.register('modules/table', quillTable.TableModule);

Progress so far

  • TABLE, TR and TD are containers - it is possible to have multiple block blots in TD.
  • all tables, rows and cells are identified by random strings and optimize merge only those with the same id.
  • It is possible to add tables by defining rows and cols count in grid.
  • It is possible to add rows and columns to existing tables (accessible by buttons in toolbar).
  • it is possible to copy & paste table from Word. Works ok. Needs to test edge cases.

Known issues

It is early stage so there is a lot of issues with current state. Still there are some worth to mention which should be dealt with.

  • Lists (number or bullet) in cell upon enter loose list format on previous line but keeps it on actual.
  • Delete and backspace behavior on tables should be either disabled or should have some well defined behavior. Now it is pretty easy to destroy table in ugly way.
  • Definition of TableTrick is hacked in just to test if adding of rows and cols is easily possible - which is. Should be done differently so quill doesn't throw exception (it continues to work).
  • Undo/History breaks badly with cell deletions (disabled backspace could solve this).
  • When loading delta of nested container in table cell, nested container loose format.
  • Containers need order similar to Inline.order. Otherwise delta is not canonical.
  • ...

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