The Rigetti QCS Command Line Interface (CLI)
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$ cnpm install qcs-cli 
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The qcs-cli is the Rigetti Quantum Cloud Services Command Line Interface (CLI). It is used for:

  • Reserving, viewing, or cancelling your reservations on Rigetti Quantum Computers,
  • Listing available Quantum Computers (devices) and various sublattices within them.
  • Viewing, creating and deleting your Quantum Machine Images (QMIs).
$ qcs

The Rigetti QCS Command Line Interface (CLI)

  $ qcs [COMMAND]

  cancel        Cancel reservations in the compute schedule.
  devices       View available QPU devices.
  help          display help for qcs
  lattices      View available lattices.
  qmis          View, create, and delete QMIs.
  reservations  View the compute block schedule.
  reserve       Book reservations in the compute schedule.

Every QCS User's QMI comes preinstalled with the qcs-cli. It may also be used locally from your laptop. Installation and setup instructions may be found below.

Installation & Setup

Pre-reqs: Install node & npm

The qcs-cli is written in typescript, which requires node and the node package manager npm to be installed. Install both from this link. If node is already on your machine, make sure you have version > 8.0.0.

Install qcs-cli

Install via npm

Run the command npm install -g qcs-cli.

Install via the source from github

Clone this repository to your machine via the following command:

# Clone the repo and cd into it
git clone git@github.com:rigetti/qcs-cli.git
cd qcs-cli

# Install qcs-cli
npm install

# Link the qcs command so you can type qcs
npm link


The qcs-cli is ready to use to view available devices and lattices. To book and view reservations with the qcs-cli, and to manage quantum machine images, however, you will need to authenticate as a user. To do this, a .qcs_config file with the following contents must be placed in the home folder (~) of your machine. The contents of ~/.qcs_config should be the following:

[Rigetti Forest]
url = https://forest-server.qcs.rigetti.com
user_id = <your-user-token>

Your user_id can be found in the .qcs_config file in your QMI, if you have already registered for QCS. If you haven't signed up for QCS, you can request access here.

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