Puli JsonRepository Javascript implementation for automation tools plugins
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puli.js : the Puli Javascript reader

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puli.js provides a Javascript, read-only API for transform Puli path into filesystem paths using a JSON file generated by the PHP JsonRepository.

puli.js is a first step towards creating plugins for automation tools such as Gulp, Grunt or Webpack.

This library is maintained for NodeJS 0.12+.



The JsonRepository generates a JSON file to store its path mappings (usually /your/project/root/.puli/path-mappings.json). This file is used by puli.js to transform Puli paths into filesystem paths.

var puli = require('puli').load('.puli/path-mappings.json')

puli.path('/res/foo'); // returns the filesystem path associated to the virtual path /app/foo
puli.paths('/res/**/*.js'); // find matching virtual paths and return associated filesystem paths as an array
puli.exists('/res/**/*.js'); // check if the given virtual path exists or if the given glob contain paths

puli.js provides a read-only API: you cannot edit the path-mappings using it.


Read the Puli Documentation to learn more about Puli.


Contributions to Puli are always welcome!

Report bugs

You can report any bugs or issues you find on the issue tracker.

Pull requests

If you want to contribute on the code, here are some informations:

  • puli.js is developed using ES6 ;
  • we use Babel and Grunt to compile to ES5: to compile yourself, you can either run npm run babel to compile one time or run npm run watch to compile your files live ;
  • the source code is located in src and tests are located in test : theses two directories are compiled by Gulp respectively to dist and test-dist ;
  • run npm test to launch the test suite (the tests use mocha) ;

Create an automation tool plugin using this library

If you are interested in creating an automation tool plugin (for Gulp, Grunt, Webpack, ...), don't hesitate to open an issue in the issue tracker to discuss it. You can also join us on Gitter.


If you are having problems, send a mail to galopintitouan@gmail.com or bschussek@gmail.com or shout out to @titouangalopin or @webmozart on Twitter.


All contents of this package are licensed under the MIT license.

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