Preload and Predict the future data
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Preload and Predict the future data. WIP

So what is it?

Why should we always load remote data only when users make some actions? You can preload the data users may need when they enter a new page when the document is ready or some links are hovered. Then you replace the content with the data you fetched asynchronously.

But this is still not enough.

Because we use Single Page Applications a lot nowadays. SPA has its own router system, you can't just simply replace the content with new data(html), that's too stupid.

Luckily we have State store in your view layers if you use some framework like React and Vue, we can just change the way replace html to just add state in views, that's very cool.

Again, this is not related to your data flow, nothing in common with those Flux things. Only thing It does and does well is preloading and predicting the future data.



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