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$ cnpm install promise-fun 
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This is intented to be a place where you can access all the AWESOME promise modules made by the great @sindresorhus in one place.


$ npm install promise-fun


const {
} = require('promise-fun');


  • pify: Promisify a callback-style function
  • delay: Delay a promise a specified amount of time
  • p-map: Map over promises concurrently
  • p-all: Run promise-returning & async functions concurrently with optional limited concurrency
  • p-queue: Promise queue with concurrency control
  • p-catch-if: Conditional promise catch handler
  • p-if: Conditional promise chains
  • p-tap: Tap into a promise chain without affecting its value or state
  • p-log: Log the value/error of a promise
  • p-event: Promisify an event by waiting for it to be emitted
  • p-debounce: Debounce promise-returning & async functions
  • p-throttle: Throttle promise-returning & async functions
  • p-timeout: Timeout a promise after a specified amount of time
  • p-finally: Promise#finally() ponyfill - Invoked when the promise is settled regardless of outcome
  • p-retry: Retry a promise-returning or async function
  • p-any: Wait for any promise to be fulfilled
  • p-some: Wait for a specified number of promises to be fulfilled
  • p-locate: Get the first fulfilled promise that satisfies the provided testing function
  • p-limit: Run multiple promise-returning & async functions with limited concurrency
  • p-series: Run promise-returning & async functions in series
  • p-memoize: Memoize promise-returning & async functions
  • p-pipe: Compose promise-returning & async functions into a reusable pipeline
  • p-props: Like Promise.all() but for Map and Object
  • p-waterfall: Run promise-returning & async functions in series, each passing its result to the next
  • p-cancelable: Create a promise that can be canceled
  • p-progress: Create a promise that reports progress
  • p-reflect: Make a promise always fulfill with its actual fulfillment value or rejection reason
  • p-filter: Filter promises concurrently
  • p-reduce: Reduce a list of values using promises into a promise for a value
  • p-settle: Settle promises concurrently and get their fulfillment value or rejection reason
  • p-every: Test whether all promises passes a testing function
  • p-one: Test whether some promise passes a testing function
  • p-map-series: Map over promises serially
  • p-each-series: Iterate over promises serially
  • p-times: Run promise-returning & async functions a specific number of times concurrently
  • p-lazy: Create a lazy promise that defers execution until .then() or .catch() is called
  • p-whilst: While a condition returns true, calls a function repeatedly, and then resolves the promise
  • p-do-whilst: Calls a function repeatedly while a condition returns true and then resolves the promise
  • p-forever: Run promise-returning & async functions repeatedly until you end it
  • p-wait-for: Wait for a condition to be true
  • p-min-delay: Delay a promise a minimum amount of time
  • p-try: Promise.try() ponyfill - Starts a promise chain
  • p-race: A better Promise.race()
  • p-immediate: Returns a promise resolved in the next event loop - think setImmediate()
  • p-time: Measure the time a promise takes to resolve
  • p-defer: Create a deferred promise
  • p-break: Break out of a promise chain
  • p-is-promise: Check if something is a promise
  • loud-rejection: Make unhandled promise rejections fail loudly instead of the default silent fail
  • hard-rejection: Make unhandled promise rejections fail hard right away instead of the default silent fail

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