A tool that runs your commands if any git-pushed files match the glob written to be used as a pre-push hook
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$ cnpm install prepush-if-changed 
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Acts as a pre-push hook to run commands only if committed files match the specified glob.


Using npm

npm install --save-dev prepush-if-changed

Using yarn

yarn add -D prepush-if-changed


It doesn't always make sense to run pre-push hooks on every push. Sometimes you need to trigger a hook only when the pushed changes affect a specific area of your file structure. This project contains a script that will check committed files against a glob and only trigger the task if there's a match.

The script will compare your current local branch with the remote(origin) one. If the remote branch does not exist the script will exit with code 0 without performing any execution.


You are going to need a git hook management library. We'll use husky for this example.

A configuration like this will execute unit tests once you attempt to push changes of any js/jsx files inside the src folder

This example uses package.json for configuration.

// package.json
  "husky": {
    "hooks": {
      "pre-push": "prepush-if-changed"
  "prepush-if-changed": {
    "src/**/*.js?(x)": "npm run test"

You can use the following files to write a config:


Matching files

Your commands will be executed only if any of the committed files match the glob. prepush-if-changed uses micromatch for matching files.

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