Native Javascript Modal/Popup system. With react support!
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$ cnpm install popups 
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Native Javascript Module to display beautiful popups. With react support!


  • Demo: http://chieforz.github.io/popupS
  • Native Javascript / No jQuery dependency
  • Built in CSS spinner for asynchronous dialogs
  • Smart focus on form elements
  • AMD support


The plugin can be used as a Common JS module, an AMD module, or a global.

Usage with Browserify

Install with npm, use with Browserify

> npm install popups

and in your code

var popupS = require('popups');

    content: 'Hello World!'

For the basic styling and fade in and out to be working, you have to include the popupS.css in yout header.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="popupS.css">

Usage as browser global

You can include popupS.js directly in a script tag. For the basic styling and fade in and out to be working, you have to include the popupS.css.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="popupS.css">
<script src="popupS.js"></script>

        content: 'Hello World!'

For both files popupS.js and popupS.css is a minified productive version in it's corresponding folder.

How to use

Create a popup window:

    mode: 'alert',
    content: 'Hey'

// or

    content: 'Hello'

Here are multiple ways to create popupS:


    title:   'I am an',
    content: 'Alert'


Confirm configuration involves the use of callbacks to be applied.

    content:     '<b>Do you like what you see?</b>',
    labelOk:     'Yes',
    labelCancel: 'No',
    onSubmit: function() {
    onClose: function() {


Prompts are used for asking a single question.

    content:     'What is your name?',
    placeholder: '>>>',
    onSubmit: function(val) {
        if(val) {
                content: 'Hello, ' + val
        } else {
                content: ':('


With Modals you are in full control.

    title:   'Himalaya',
    content: {
        tag: 'img#himalaya.picture',
        src: 'http://static.hdw.eweb4.com/media/wallpapers_1920x1080/nature/1/1/himalaya-nature-hd-wallpaper-1920x1080-6944.jpg'

there is some magic sugar involved. learn more about it here


It can also work in asynchronous mode and retrieve content from external pages.

    title:   'Himalaya',
    ajax: {
        url: 'http://static.hdw.eweb4.com/media/wallpapers_1920x1080/nature/1/1/himalaya-nature-hd-wallpaper-1920x1080-6944.jpg'


    mode: 'alert'|'confirm'|'prompt'|'modal'|'modal-ajax',
    title: 'Title', 
    content : 'Text'|'<div>html</div>'|{tag : 'span#id.class'},
    className : 'additionalClass',  // for additional styling, gets append on every popup div
    placeholder : 'Input Text',     // only available for mode: 'prompt'
    ajax : {                        // only available for mode: 'modal-ajax'
        url : 'http://url.com', 
        post : true,
        str : 'post=true'
    onOpen: function(){},      // gets called when popup is opened
    onSubmit: function(val){}, // gets called when submitted. val as an paramater for prompts
    onClose: function(){}      // gets called when popup is closed

Advanced Options

    additionalBaseClass: '',            // classNames, that gets appended to the base
    additionalButtonHolderClass: '',    // classNames, that gets appended to the button holder
    additionalButtonOkClass: '',        // classNames, that gets appended to the ok button
    additionalButtonCancelClass: '',    // classNames, that gets appended to the cancel button
    additionalCloseBtnClass: '',        // classNames, that gets appended to the close button
    additionalFormClass: '',            // classNames, that gets appended to the form
    additionalOverlayClass: '',         // classNames, that gets appended to the overlay
    additionalPopupClass: '',           // classNames, that gets appended to the popup
    appendLocation: document.body,      // DOM Element, where the popup should sit
    closeBtn: '&times;',                // HTML String, to use for the close button
    flagBodyScroll: false,              // should the body be scrollable
    flagButtonReverse: false,           // should the buttons be reversed
    flagCloseByEsc: true,               // ability to clse with the esc key
    flagCloseByOverlay: true,           // ability to close with click on the overlay
    flagShowCloseBtn: true,             // should the close button be displayed
    labelOk: 'OK',                      // label for the ok button
    labelCancel: 'Cancel',              // label for the cancel button
    loader: 'spinner',                  // classname for spinner to use, take a look at the included css file for the possiblities
    zIndex: 10000                       // default z-index

DOM Generation

The plugin is using some special magic to generating DOM Elements.

    content: {
        tag: 'div#id.class.class2',
        css: {
            width: '100px'
        html: '<h1>Hello</h1>',
                tag: 'label',
                text: 'test',
                htmlFor: 'input',
                css: {
                    width: '50%'
                tag: 'input#input',
                type: 'checkbox',
                css: {
                    width: '50%'

All attributes, that can be applied via javascript are availabe to use. For example, as you can see in the example above: Instead of using the regular "for"-attribute on the label element, we have to use the "htmlFor"-attribute.

Note: If an assigned attribute is not an valid HTML attribute, it gets assigned as an 'data-'* atribute.



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