> Configurable build tasks for Polymer applications.
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Polymer BootLicker

Configurable build tasks for Polymer applications.

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Bootlicker is a collection of gulp tasks which helps organize and build your Polymer applications. It aims to abstract many of the annoyances around tooling and provides a simplier, configurable alternative.

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When using the Bootlicker registry, it will add default tasks to your gulp instance.

import gulp from 'gulp';
import Bootlicker from 'polymer-bootlicker';

// register bootlicker
gulp.registry(new Bootlicker(config));

Now exposes the default tasks.

gulp --tasks


Default path configuration

  paths: {
    app: './app',
    bower: './bower_components',
    components: './app/components/**/*',
    dist: './dist',
    fragments: './app/components/elements.html',
    fonts: './app/fonts/**/*',
    images: './app/**/*.{png,jpg,jpeg,gif}',
    local: './dist/local',
    locales: './locales',
    scripts: './app/**/*.js',
    styles: './app/**/*.css',
    tests: './test'

You may define a custom configuration which will extend the base configuration.

// custom configuration
let config = {
  paths: {
    dist: './build',
    local: './build/local'

gulp.registry(new Bootlicker(config));



Build the local version of the application.

gulp build

Copy all build resources and html assets into build directory.

gulp build:copy

Build the distributable version of the application. This includes optimization and minification of assets.

gulp build:dist


Serve the local version of the application.

gulp serve

Serve the distributable version of the application.

gulp serve:dist


Run wct locally.

gulp test:local

Run wct on saucelabs.

gulp test:sauce

Registry Tasks

Additional tasks are available


gulp font:copy


Copy bower assets to distribution folder.

gulp html:bower:copy

Copy components to distribution folder.

gulp html:components:copy

Polybuild html assets. polybuild

gulp html:polybuild

Copy views to distribution folder.

gulp html:views:copy

Process html view assets. sourcemap useref htmlmin

gulp html:views:process


Translate asset files. gulp-i18n-localize

gulp i18n:translate


Copy and process images. imagemin.

gulp image:copy


Copy and process scripts. eslint sourcemap babel uglify minify

gulp script:copy


Start a server instance.

gulp server:serve

Reload server instance.

gulp server:reload


Copy and process stylesheets. autoprefix sourcemaps minify

gulp style:copy


Copy test assets into temporary test folder.

gulp test:copy

Run tests locally. wct

gulp test:local

Run test on remote. wct

gulp test:remote


Clean temporary folders.

gulp tidy

Clean distribution folder.

gulp tidy:dist

Clean temporary test folders.

gulp tidy:tests

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