CLI to send Pushover messages
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$ cnpm install po-notify 
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A command-line tool to send Pushover messages.


npm install -g po-notify


po-notify [options] --message "Some message"
po-notify [options] "Some message"
echo "Some message" | po-notify [options]


  • -t, --token TOKEN [required]: Pushover API token
  • -u, --user KEY [required]: User or group key of the recipient
  • -m, --message MESSAGE [required]: Message body
  • -t, --title TITLE [optional]: Message title
  • -p, --priority lowest|low|normal|high|emergency [optional; default: normal]: Message priority
  • -r, --retry SECONDS [optional]: Retry interval. If priority is emergency this is required
  • -e, --expire SECONDS [optional]: Message expiration. If priority is emergency this is required
  • -d, --device DEVICE [optional]: Device name

All options can also be put in a configuration file in ~/.config/ponotify or ~/.ponotifyrc. This can be in INI, YAML or JSON format. It's recommended that you put token and user in a config file and provide the other options as command-line arguments.


token = af7sdf86sdg87dfg58df75g8d7gfdg
user = gd8fu8ewfu8fndsusadf8sdfu8fdus

Alternatively, you can use environment variables too:

export PONOTIFY_TOKEN=af7sdf86sdg87dfg58df75g8d7gfdg
export PONOTIFY_USER=gd8fu8ewfu8fndsusadf8sdfu8fdus

po-notify "Job completed"


ansible-playbook somestuff.yml && po-notify -t "Ansible done" "somestuff.yml completed successfully. Nice!"


Copyright (c) 2017 - 2018 Max Kueng

MIT License

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