Server to allow PebblePoint to control PowerPoint on OS X
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$ cnpm install pebblepoint-server -g
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pebblepoint server

Node.js server for Mac OS X that allows Pebble to control PowerPoint, via AppleScript.


  • Mac OS X, for AppleScript
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Node.js
  • A Pebble watch, with PebblePoint installed


Open a terminal and run:

npm install -g pebblepoint-server

After install, you may need to rehash your path or open a new terminal to get the executable in your PATH.

Running the Server

Open a terminal and run:


The server will run and open a browser window with the IP and PORT info for configuring your watch.

By default, the server runs on port 7325 (which is PEBL on a phone keypad). Port can be overridden at server start if you have a conflict on the default one:

PORT=60654 pebblepoint-server

Configuring your Pebble

When the server runs, an instruction page is launched in your default browser to show what IP and PORT you need to use. This also acts a simple smoketest to let you know you're ready to go.

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