> ⚠ This package is deprecated as its functionality has been merged into [parcel-plugin-sitemap@2.0.0](!

The exclude functionality has been merged upstream to parcel-plugin-sitemap@2.0.0 - please use that package instead.
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$ cnpm install parcel-plugin-sitemap-exclude 
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[Deprecated] Parcel Sitemap Plugin (with exclude option)

⚠ This package is deprecated as its functionality has been merged into parcel-plugin-sitemap@2.0.0!

Fork of parcel-plugin-sitemap, a plugin for creating (very) basic sitemaps.

Added the functionality to exclude HTML files from being added to the sitemap by specifying globs in the respective package.json field.
The glob(s) will be negated and passed to fast-glob under the hood.

"sitemap": {
    "siteURL": "",
    "exclude": "static/**/*"

or an Array of globs:

"sitemap": {
    "siteURL": "",
    "exclude": [


This plugin will not create a fully featured sitemap, but the most basic one, that is still valid. Parcel makes it easy for you to create a sitemap manually, as html files keep their names while beeing processed. So if you want to achive perfect SEO optimization you should not use this plugin but create a sidemap manually.

However, if you just want to make sure all pages are listed so that search engines can crawl them, this plugin has you covered.


yarn add parcel-plugin-sitemap-exclude


npm install parcel-plugin-sitemap-exclude


Add the following snippet to your package.json file and replace "" with the location where your site will be hosted:

"sitemap": {
    "siteURL": ""


MIT License

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