Parcel plugin to watch and copy files recursively from source globs to the distribution directory.
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$ cnpm install parcel-plugin-resources 
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Parcel plugin to watch and copy resources to the Parcel bundle directory. This plugin is actually just a thin wrapper for the cpx module.

By default, this plugin recursively copies all files from <rootDir>/resources into <bundleDir>/resources. The <rootDir> is the directory which contains your entry asset. If your entry asset is my/project/index.js, then the <rootDir> is my/project.

If parcel is started as a local development server, then all resources will be watched and automatically re-copied when changed, added, or removed.

Getting Started

Install the plugin:

yarn add --dev parcel-plugin-resources


npm install --dev parcel-plugin-resources

Parcel will automatically detect the plugin.


If you need to change the resource glob pattern or destination directory, you can add the following to your package.json.

  "resources": {
    "glob": "resources/**",
    "destination": "resources"

Default values are shown above.

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