Start development of a package with pre-defined eslint, prettier, babel and rollup configuration
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$ cnpm install packsy 
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???? Packsy

This package helps you to set up a new npm package blazing fast. Use eslint, prettier, babel and rollup with zero configuration.

???? See packsy-starter for usage example and starter kit.


npm install packsy
# or
yarn add packsy


Name Description
packsy build Builds production ready bundles with Rollup. Output directory is dist.
packsy dev Compiles files for development with Babel. Output directory is lib.
packsy format Formats all files. All Prettier cli options can be used.
packsy lint Lints all files. All ESLint cli options can be used.
packsy pre-commit Formats and lints all staged files, validates package.json.
packsy validate Lints all files. validates package.json.

Prettier and ESLint configs

The package provides a default Prettier and ESLint configuration. See .prettierrc.js and .eslintrc.js in packsy-starter for usage.

Development workflow (linked package)

Link the package as usual using yarn's or npm's link/unlink commands first. Then execute packsy dev.

packsy dev compiles all files with babel in watch mode, so that a file will be compiled every time that you change it.

Projects that use Packsy


What is the difference between packsy build and packsy dev?

First the output folders are different (dist for build and lib for dev command). Second the build command uses Rollup (with Babel) while dev uses only Babel. Using only Babel leads to faster compile times, which is useful for development. Also the dev command uses the watch mode of Babel.


This package is inspired by Kent C. Dodds's awesome package kcd-scripts.


This package is released under the MIT License.

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