This code download all invoices from you OVH account and store them as an easy to use directory scruture, with a summary tsv file.
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$ cnpm install ovh-bill-importer 
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This code download all invoices from you OVH account and store them as an easy to use directory scruture, with a summary tsv file.

This tsv file can be open in any tabler to extract VAT for your accountancy.

This script use the npm packages @ovh-api/api and @ovh-api/me


npm install -g ovh-bill-importer

or use npx

npx ovh-bill-importer --help


  • V 1.1.1 add --max-age <time-range> with time-range like 4m for 4 month, 1y for 1 year, 10d for 10 days.
  • V 1.1.0 add --api <type> with type in (eu, ca, us).
  • V 1.0.6 fix regression in incremental execution.
  • V 1.0.5 properly handle error whene downloading invoices.
  • V 1.0.4 properly recover on too many request error.
  • V 1.0.3 properly handle API connexion errors.


$ ovh-bill-importer --help
Usage: index [options]

  -V, --version               output the version number
  -u, --utc                   use UTC times, by defaut use localhost timezone
  -d, --dest <path>           destination directory
  -s, --split <type>          hierarchy model year/month/none default is month (default: "month")
  -c, --concurrency <number>  max concurent download
  --token <tokenfile>         save and reuse the certificat by storing them in a file
  -m, --max-age <timeYMD>     max time back you want to download, end with Y/M/D (Year/Month/Day) (default: "1Y")
  -h, --help                  output usage information

formats -s

  • month create a directory per month ie: 2019/01
  • year create a directory per year ie: 2019/01
  • none do not create any directory just place all invoice in the same directory

utc / locale -u

If utc flag is enabled, convert add date as UTC. If not the script will use your current timezone.

destination -d

Provide a local path to save all invoice, a directory containing the nic-handle will be create into this destination to avoid mixing invoice from different accounts.

concurrency -c

Download multiple invoice un parallel, Do not ask for much concurrency, or Ovh will block your IP.


npm install -g ovh-bill-importer
ovh-bill-importer --dest=bill --split=month --concurrency=3 --token=token.json

ovh-vps-config-failover on vps


The destination directory may look like that:

 - summary.tsv
 - 2019
    - 01
        - 2019-01-01_FR123406_12.99EUR.pdf
        - 2019-01-05_FR123407_2.99EUR.pdf
    - 02
        - 2019-02-05_FR123461_2.99EUR.pdf
    - 03
        - 2019-03-15_FR123801_299.99EUR.pdf
        - 2019-03-25_FR123802_2.99EUR.pdf

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