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$ cnpm install origami-plugin-markdown-docs 
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Origami Markdown Documentation plugin

This is a simple yet powerful plugin for generating documentation from Markdown files in the fileystem on Origami. It comes out of the box with a theme, however it integrates nicely with origami-app-theme if you want to handle the rendering of the documents there.


yarn add origami-plugin-markdown-docs


In your .origami file, add this to your plugins:

    "plugins": {
        "markdown-docs": true


Option Type Default Description
directory string 'docs' Directory for the markdown files to read
prefix string '/docs' URL prefix for serving the documentation
themeTemplate string, false false Pass the response data to origami-app-theme to render
cssFile string /docs/docs.css The path to the css file to include in each article
cssHREF string Override the default css file with a custom stylesheet link
sidebarSkipRoot boolean true Don't include the root level folder in the sidebar
logo string true URL of the logo to display at the top of the sidebar
siteTitle string 'Documentation' Title of the sidebar next to the logo
cache boolean true Enable caching (Recommended)
colors object false Key value pair for overriding colors


    "plugins": {
        "markdown-docs": {
            "directory": "./site/docs",
            "prefix": "docs/v1/",
            "logo": "/logo.svg",
            "siteTitle": "My docs",
            "colors": {
                "main": "red",
                "blue": "#0000ff"

## Integration with `origami-app-theme`
In your `.origami` file, pass a template from your theme you want to render into `themeTemplate`:

    "plugins": {
        "markdown-docs": {
            "themeTemplate": "documentation-article"
    "apps": {
        "theme": "my-theme"

Page template data

The theme template will be rendered with all the needed data on the response object.

Option Type Description
title string The first heading on the page
body string The markdown rendered into a HTML string
tree object A recursive tree of the entire file structure supplied in the directory option
css string A URL to the css sheet
headings array An array of headings for the current article (useful for building table's of contents)
url string The current url (useful for matching active links, etc)
sidebarSkipRoot boolean See sidebarSkipRoot in the options
logo string See logo in the options
siteTitle string See siteTitle in the options
colors object See colors in the options


By default, markdown-docs caches the rendered pages resulting in a much faster load time. To disable this, simply access a url with ?nocache at the end of the url to rebuild that individual page


This project is maintained by the Origami Core team.

Moving forward / TODO

  • [] Add tests
  • [] Customize theme colours/fonts, etc
  • [] Implement searching with lunrjs


If you find a bug, please file an issue on the issue tracker on GitHub.


Full credits for this project go to the Origami Core team

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