Configure openhim channels using openinfoman documents
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$ cnpm install openhim-openinfoman-config-script 
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OpenInfoMan channel config for the OpenHIM

This tool queries the OpenInfoMan for all its registered documents and for each document a channel is created in the OpenHIM that routes requests to the OpenInfoMan. These channels can be used to restrict access to particular documents. By default the admin role is added to each channel, however, you may customise this config after the script has run to suit your needs.

Install with npm install -g openhim-openinfoman-config-script

You will now have a new binary installed on your system cnf-openhim-openinfoman

Run cnf-openhim-openinfoman -h and you should see the following output on how to use the script


  This script creates custom channels in the OpenHIM for each registered document
  in an OpenInfoMan instance


  $ cnf-openhim-openinfoman -i http://localhost:8984 -m https://localhost:8080 -u -p password


  -h, --help           Display this usage guide.
  -i, --openinfoman    The openinfoman base url (default: http://localhost:8984)
  -m, --openhim        The OpenHIMs base API url (default: https://localhost:8080)
  -u, --username       The OpenHIMs API username (default:
  -p, --password       The OpenHIMs API password

Run the script with the options necessary for your particular instance.

Run this repository's tests with npm test.

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