Converts OpenAPI 3 components to PlantUml or Markdown

DEPRECATED please use openapi-transformer
$ cnpm install openapi-to-plantuml 
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OpenAPI to PlantUML

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This tool creates a PlantUML Class Diagram from a OpenApi 3 Yaml specification


  • OpenAPI 3.0.2
  • OpenAPI specification should be in YAML
  • NodeJS
  • All yaml files should be in 1 directory


Always run the script from the directory in which the yaml file are.

Usage: index [options] <inputfile>

  -V, --version                    Output the version number
  -p, --plantuml <plantuml file>   The plantuml file
  -m, --markdown <output file>     The output file for markdown
  -v, --verbose                    Show verbose debug output
  -h, --help                       Output usage information


**Prints to plantuml **

openapi-to-plantuml vehicle.yaml --plantuml vehicle.plantuml

Prints to plantuml with verbose debug info :)

openapi-to-plantuml vehicle.yaml --verbose --plantuml vehicle.plantuml

Prints to plantuml file and markdown file

openapi-to-plantuml vehicle.yaml --plantuml ./example.plantuml --markdown ./

Example output plantuml

No details

Example no details


Example with details


  • refactor / cleanup code
  • test loading the openapi yaml, instead of the vehicle.yaml
  • add OpenAPI version validation

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