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This project makes heavy use of ES6 features and as such requires NodeJS v10

This is an endeavor to replicate the Open Telecom Platform in NodeJS. You should probably use either NodeJS or Erlang. This is a project for fun, not for production.

This project uses the awesome ImmutableJS library internally.

Starting OTPJS

For example, this script would print the string "Hello world"

const {create_node} = require('open-telecom');
const {OTPNode} = create_node();
const node = new OTPNode();

const pid = node.spawn(async (ctx) => {
        const message = await ctx.receive();
        console.log("Hello %s", message);

node.spawn(async (ctx) => {
        ctx.send(pid, "world");



As in Erlang, every process has a unique identifier associated with it, as well as message queues.

Process lifecycles are tracked through Promises. As long as you have an unresolved Promise in your context it will be considered to be alive. Once your promise chain ends, your context is considered to be dead! In this way, think of your context as an Erlang process.



A limited proc_lib implementation is defined.


A limited gen_server implementation is defined.


Finish proc_lib and gen_server. Develop supervisor, gen_fsm, gen_event, etc.

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