Opens html reports generated by Stryker in your default browser.
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$ cnpm install open-stryker-report 
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open-stryker-report README

Opens the Stryker html report in your browser that matches the file you are currently working on. If no match is found then the default reports/mutation/html/index.html file is opened instead.


Whenever you open a file in the editor this extension attempts to match it to the report generated by Stryker that is found in your reports/mutation/html folder. To activate this functionality click the new item found in your status bar:

This button will active this extension


Stryker is a mutation testing suite for javascript/nodejs. Check them out here:

Release Notes


  • Updated logic to check for the existence of reports/mutation/html. If it does not exist an info box pops up reminding the user to mutate their code.
  • Removed displeasing visual artificats from logo.

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