Index NPM packages based on package.json information.
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$ cnpm install npm-indexer 
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Index NPM packages based on package.json information.


Install with npm:

$ npm install --save npm-indexer


var npmIndexer = require('npm-indexer');



Create a stream of matching npm packages. Use the provided indexer to collect and index the matching npm packages to create search indexes.


  • options {Object}: Options specifying the indexer to use and additional options for the changes stream.
  • options.indexer {Object}: Specify the indexer to use for creating a search index. Example: search-indexer-algolia.
  • options.includeName {Boolean}: Include the package name when determining if the package should be indexed. Defaults to false.
  • options.keywords {Array}: Array of keywords to use to determine if the package should be indexed. These are matched against the package keywords and the package name if includeName is true.
  • options.since {Number}: Sequence number passed to changes stream that will indicate which sequence number to start with.
  • options.limit {Number}: Limit the number of packages returned from the changes stream. Defaults to -1 which will be continuous.
  • options.db {String}: CouchDB URI to pull the changes stream from. Defaults to the NPM registry.
  • returns {Stream}: Returns a stream that will have matching packages.


  indexer: require('search-indexer-algolia')(algoliaOptions),
  keywords: ['assembleplugin']
.on('data', console.log)
.on('end', console.log.bind(console, 'done'));


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