Test your Now deployed Node.js lambdas locally
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$ cnpm install now-we-test 
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Now we test

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Temporary lib to help test lambdas written in Node.js. It was created with the purpose to eventually be deprecated when now dev command is released.


Help unit test and locally serve lambdas written to deploy using Now.


yarn add now-we-test --dev


For unit tests

In your unit tests, you can use the simulator helper to simulate a lambda execution environment without needing a running server:

import { simulator } from 'now-we-test'
import func from '../your-lambda-implementation'

const app = simulator(func)

describe('func', () => {
  it('should do something', async () => {
    const result = await app.get('/')

    expect(result.text).toBe('[the value returned by the lambda]')


  fn: Function,
  [builder="@now/node"]: String

Alternatively to the default @now/node building evironment, you can also simulate a now-micro passing it as second parameter.

The result of the invokation of simulator helper is a SuperTest instance, so please refer to that documentation for details on possible assertions and usage.

For locally serving lambdas

Now we test provides a simple CLI to serve your lambdas locally - useful for testing integration with other tools.

Keep in mind there is only so much it can do in terms of simulation, so you should never completelly trust what works locally would necessarily work on environment.


now-we-test serve

Serves the lambdas locally

  $ now-we-test serve [PATH]

  PATH  [default: .] The path to the directory where now.json stands

  -f, --format=format  [default: combined] logger format (morgan compliant)
  -p, --port=port      [default: 3000] port to use

See code: lib/commands/serve.js

Only @now/node, @now/static, and now-micro builders are available so far.

now-we-test help [COMMAND]

display help for a now-we-test command

  $ now-we-test help [COMMAND]

  COMMAND  command to show help for

  --all  see all commands in CLI

See code: @oclif/plugin-help

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