Initialize for svelte or sapper
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$ cnpm install now-init-svelte 
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Now Init Svelte

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What is now-init-svelte?

now-init-svelte is a tool that allows you to generate files that are needed to use svelte/sapper with


To install now-init-svelte, use npm:

npm install --global now-init-svelte



To generate the files:

now-init-svelte svelte

# Serve locally
now dev

# Deploy to


To generate files for sapper projects:

now-init-svelte sapper
npm run build

# Serve locally
now dev

# Deploy to


Pull requests are encouraged and always welcome. Pick an issue and help us out!

To install and work on now-init-svelte locally:

git clone
cd now-init-svelte
npm install

To build the project, and all the other modules included in the package:

npm run build

It's written in TypeScript, but don't let that put you off — it's basically just JavaScript with type annotations. You'll pick it up in no time. If you're using an editor other than Visual Studio Code you may need to install a plugin in order to get syntax highlighting and code hints etc.

Running Tests

npm run test



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