Node.js based system to provision users to external platforms.
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The NoIDM system


To make it easier to integrate and provision user data, we from Campus IAM are developing a new centralized provisioning tool to get, filter and dispatch user accounts to external systems.

NoIDM workflow

Teams can create their own facades, following our specs, to act as the middle man between NoIDM and the 3rd party systems they wish to connect to. Team Campus IAM takes care of everything inside the "NoIDM Engine".

Writing facades

There are no limitations regarding the technologies and frameworks used to develop facades. It's up to the owner to decide if he'll do it in Java, Go, Javascript, Python or any other language suitable to the job.

The facade must strictly implement the required endpoints described on the NoIDM docs. For detailed please check the Facade Wiki.

The server

The NoIDM engine is a Node.js serve and uses AD as its main source of data. Changes are pulled, processed and dispatched to the facades every few minutes (the actual value is configurable and might change).

For detailed info, please head on to the Server Wiki.

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