Use PassportJS for authentication in a CEAN stack application
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PassportJS Example with Couchbase Server and Facebook

This project shows how to use PassportJS in your Node.js application to perform oauth logins while saving information to Couchbase Server. A use-case scenario would be allowing your users to sign into or create an account in your application via Facebook.

Installation & Configuration

Certain configuration in both the application and the database must be done before this project is usable.


Checkout the latest master branch from GitHub and navigate into it using your Terminal (Mac & Linux) or Command Prompt (Windows). Assuming you already have Node.js installed, run the following:

npm install

This will install all dependencies as defined in the package.json file.

Inside the config.json file you must set the Facebook client_id, and client_secret to a value found in your Facebook developer dashboard. Inside your Facebook developer dashboard you must also set the Valid OAuth redirect URIs to the callback_url defined in your config.json file.


This project requires Couchbase 4.0 or higher in order to function because it makes use of the N1QL query language. With Couchbase Server installed, create a new bucket called passportjs-example or whatever you've named it in your config.json file.

We're not done yet. In order to use N1QL queries in your application you must create a primary index on your bucket. This can be done by using the Couchbase Query Client (CBQ).

On Mac, run the following to launch CBQ:


On Windows, run the following to launch CBQ:

C:/Program Files/Couchbase/Server/bin/cbq.exe

With CBQ running, create an index like so:


Your database is now ready for use.

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

Contact @couchbase or myself, @nraboy, on Twitter if you'd like to chat about this application.


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