Node Cryptopia API - asynchronous node.js library for the Cryptopia API
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$ cnpm install node.cryptopia 
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A (unofficial) Node.js API client for the Cryptopia.

The client supports public (unauthenticated) calls to the Cryptopia. Private calls coming soon.

For private calls, the user secret is never exposed to other parts of the program or over the Web. The user key is sent as a header to the API, along with a signed request.

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This Library was created by using parts of Adrian Soluch (@n0mad01) [node.bittrex.api] ( MIT, open source. See LICENSE file.

Clone from GitHub

git clone
cd node-cryptopia
npm install

Require as a module

In your app, require the module:

var Cryptopia = require('cryptopia');

If not installed via NPM, then provide the path to cryptopia.js

Create an instance of the client

If only public API calls are needed, then no API key or secret is required:

var cryptopia = new Cryptopia();

Make API calls

All Cryptopia API methods are supported (with some name changes to avoid naming collisions). All methods require a callback function.

cryptopia.getcurrencies(function(data) {


{ Success: true,
  Message: null,
   [ { Id: 2, Name: 'Dotcoin', Symbol: 'DOT', Algorithm: 'Scrypt' },
     { Id: 3, Name: 'Litecoin', Symbol: 'LTC', Algorithm: 'Scrypt' },
     { Id: 4, Name: 'Dogecoin', Symbol: 'DOGE', Algorithm: 'Scrypt' },
     { Id: 6, Name: 'Potcoin', Symbol: 'POT', Algorithm: 'Scrypt' },
     { Id: 9, Name: 'PopularCoin', Symbol: 'POP', Algorithm: 'Scrypt' },
     { Id: 11, Name: 'Reddcoin', Symbol: 'RDD', Algorithm: 'Scrypt' },
    Error: null }
streamed from in: 0.587s
cryptopia.getmarket('100', function(data) {


{ Success: true,
  Message: null,
   { TradePairId: 100,
     Label: 'DOT/BTC',
     AskPrice: 2.0000000000000004e-7,
     BidPrice: 1.8000000000000002e-7,
     Low: 1.7000000000000004e-7,
     High: 2.0000000000000004e-7,
     Volume: 2710673.8817330003,
     LastPrice: 1.8000000000000002e-7,
     LastVolume: 200,
     BuyVolume: 89786389.71749353,
     SellVolume: 33485774.14500672,
     Change: 0 },
  Error: null }
streamed from in: 0.631s

The callback is passed in a data object, the response from the API

For the most up-to-date API documentation, see cryptopia/api.

Future Private API calls

To use Cryptopia's trading API, your API key and secret must be provided:

var cryptopia = new Cryptopia('API_KEY', 'API_SECRET');

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