Generate screenshot diffs for a pair of domains and collection of paths

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$ cnpm install node-screenshot-diff 
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Generate screenshot diffs for a pair domains and one or more paths. Used for regressing visual changes between development/staging and production websites.

Still in an alpha release state, so some things might not work as expected.


Requires ImageMagick to be installed. Depending on your system, one of the following should work:

$ brew install imagemagick

$ apt-get install imagemagick

$ yum install imagemagick


$ npm install -g node-screenshot-diff

$ screenshotdiff --help

  Usage: screenshotdiff [options] <domain1> <domain2> [paths...]


    -h, --help                  output usage information
    -V, --version               output the version number
    -x, --width <n>             Width in pixels of the screenshots. Default: 1400
    -y, --height <n>            Height in pixels of the screenshots. Default: all
    -s, --selector <string>     CSS selector to target for the screenshot
    -c, --css <string>          Custom CSS rules to apply before taking screenshot
    -d, --delay <n>             Delay, in ms, to wait before taking screenshot. Default: 100
    -o, --outputDir <path>      The output dir for images
    -k, --keep                  Keep the A/B screenshots used for the diff
    -p, --protocol <string>     Protocol to use. Default: http
    -t, --threshold <n>         (compare) The maximum distortion for (sub)image match. Default: 0.2)
    -f, --fuzz <n>              (compare) Colors within this distance, as a percentage, are considered equal (0-100). Default: 5
    -m, --metric <string>       (compare) Measure differences between images with this metric. Default: AE
    -r, --color <string>        (compare) Emphasize pixel differences with this color. Default: blue
    -q, --quality <n>           Image quality. Default: 100
    -i, --ignoreSSLErrors       Ignore SSL certificate errors
    -q, --quiet                 Supress logging information
    -P, --phantomConfig <json>  JSON string of PhantomJS configuration options
    -C, --compareOpts <json>    JSON string of ImageMagick `compare` options
    -W, --webshotOpts <json>    JSON string of node-webshot options


  • Test coverage
  • Guidelines for contributing
  • Allow paths to have different protocols / options / css / js
  • Injecting custom JS to run before screenshots

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