Migrations for Redis
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$ cnpm install node-migrate-redis 
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Migrations for Redis

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A port of node-migrate-mongo with storage of past migrations in Redis instead of MongoDB.

node-migrate-redis enables data migrations in your existing project. The state of your migrations is stored in a redis set called 'migrations'. See the Usage section (and let's be honest: the code) for more information.

Despite the name, this module does not borrow from TJ's node-migrate, though it follows very similar conventions.


In your existing project where you'd like to have migrations:

yarn add --save node-migrate-mongo
cat << EOF- >
  module.exports =
    redis: 'redis://localhost:6379'
    redisAuth: 'secret'
migrate generate --name my_first_migration
# edit it
migrate all

Migratefile Options

  • beforeTest -- An async function called before running a migration test. By default sets NODE_ENV=test.
  • before -- An async function called before running a command. Useful for connecting your app to its database.
  • after -- An async function called after running a command.
  • afterTest -- An async function called after running a migration test.
  • redis -- A string or function that returns a redis connection URL.
  • path -- The place to store your migration files. Defaults to migrations.
  • ext -- The extension for your migration files. Defaults to coffee.
  • template -- The template used when generating migrations.

before/after callbacks are called in this order: [ beforeTest, before, after, afterTest ]


Please follow our Code of Conduct when contributing to this project.

$ git clone && cd node-migrate-mongo
$ yarn
$ yarn test

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