Digital asset exchanges parser for Node.JS
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$ cnpm install node-crypto-exchanges 
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Node Crypto Brokers

npm version


npm i node-crypto-exchanges


// TO DO : Clean it, it's an issue with Webpack / Typescript
// It should be possible to do import CryptoExchangesAPI from 'node-crypto-exchanges';
const CryptoExchangesAPI = require('node-crypto-exchanges').default;

// For each broker, you will need to init the class and define env vars
const cryptoBroker = new CryptoExchangesAPI({
  env: 'sandbox', // or live
  debug: true,
  exchange: 'bitfinex', // or bitstamp, bittrex, gdax, gemini, kraken, liqui, poloniex
  key: 'exchange key',
  secret: 'exchange secret'


See getMarketHistory params See getTicker params


    c1: 'BTC',
    c2: 'USD',
    start: '2017-09-17T02:01:26-07:00',
    end: '2017-09-19T02:01:26-07:00',
    timeframe: 1440
  }, cb);

  .getPairs({}, cb);

    c1: 'BTC',
    c2: 'USD'
  }, cb);


Digital asset exchanges Get market history Get pairs Get ticker
Bitfinex x x x
Bitstamp x x x
Bittrex x x x
GDax x x x
Gemini x x x
Kraken x x x
Liqui x x x
Poloniex x x x


This project is a work in progress as I'm adding more exchanges and functions. Help support this project with a donation or PR!

  • BTC: 1GLXmx9Lmv8kCoCykPMWiSGqDfEq1FNN8Q
  • ETH: 0xe4a6c989488e54e076fcde841e206cd0ab9a8807
  • LTC: LL3T4hpuspTPtA2AZ2hejqfnbk1XjELTZy

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