Serves up static HTML based on a Noddity source server
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$ cnpm install noddity-static-server 
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First: deploy your Noddity content to a static http server somewhere (think now or surge).

Second: deploy any other assets (css, background images, logos) you want to reference to a static server (or the same one, if you like).

This module gives you a function that creates a server that will pull the markdown files from your content server and use them to generate static HTML on demand.


The function exported by this server creates a new koa-router instance.

Example usage:

const noddityStaticServer = require('noddity-static-server')
const makeLazyRenderer = require('noddity-lazy-static-render')

const Butler = require('noddity-butler')
const level = require('level-mem')

const indexHtml = require('fs').readFileSync('./index.html', { encoding: 'utf8' })

const contentUrl = ''

const butler = Butler(contentUrl, level('server'), {
	refreshEvery: 1000 * 60 * 5,
	parallelPostRequests: 10

const lazyRender = makeLazyRenderer({
	data: {
		title: 'Site name here',
		pathPrefix: '/',
		pagePathPrefix: '',

const staticServerRouter = noddityStaticServer({
	assetsUrl: '',
	nonMarkdownContentUrl: contentUrl,

const router = Router()
const app = new Koa()

router.use('', staticServerRouter.routes(), staticServerRouter.allowedMethods())

router.get('/custom', async function customPage(context, next) {
	context.body = 'This is a custom response, separate from the noddity-static-server routes!'


app.use(router.routes(), router.allowedMethods())




Returns a koa-router instance.

Takes an options map with these properties:

  • butler, a noddity-butler instance
  • assetsUrl, a string url to redirect all requests to /assets to
  • lazyRender, a noddity-lazy-static-render instance
  • nonMarkdownContentUrl, a string url where static files matching /content/.* will be looked for. All /content/*.md files will still be served with the butler.
  • assetExtensionsToServeFromContent, an array of extensions to allow to be served from nonMarkdownContentUrl. Any extensions not in this list will 404 and will not be served from the folder. Defaults to [ 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'gif', 'png' ]


This module is not very polished or extensible at the moment, lots of stuff is hardcoded. I'm open to moving functionality out of this module and/or refactoring. If you have any particular needs and want to help, open an issue.

Some things this module currently does:

  • for any requests matching /*.md, fetches that file from the content server, renders it as HTML, and serves it up inside of the template indexHtml
  • serves up when you visit /
  • returns 301 redirects to paths starting with the assetsUrl when a request comes to /assets/*
  • for any requests matching /*.(jpg|jpeg|gif|png), returns a 301 redirect to the same path at nonMarkdownContentUrl
  • sets Last-Modified headers on page responses, using the last time when a post change was detected

Node compatibility

This module uses async/await, so if you (like everyone else at time of publishing) aren't using Node 8 yet, you'll need to install these modules:

npm i babel-polyfill babel-register babel-plugin-transform-async-to-generator -S

and plop this at the top of your server file:

	plugins: [
	ignore: function(path) {
		// false => transpile with babel
		const nodeModules = /\/node_modules\//.test(path)

		if (nodeModules) {
			return !/\/noddity-static-server\//.test(path)

		return false



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