Command line tool for building Angular libraries
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$ cnpm install ngmakelib 
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NPM command line tool for generating Angular libraries

npm install ngmakelib

To create the library run:

./node_modules/.bin/ngmakelib src/app/mymodule/mymodule.module.ts mymodule-library 0.1.1

And if all goes well you will have a file called mymodule-library-0.1.1.tar.gz

Finally to install the library in another Angular project type:

npm install file:path/to/mymodule-library-0.1.1.tar.gz

API to get more control of the build process

If you need to control typescript (ngc) or rollup configuration options you may use the API. E.g. if you want to use the moment library with @angular/material you need to set the allowSyntheticDefaultImports option in tsconfig.json to true.

Here's a simple script that set this option and build a library using the NGMakeLib API.

var NGMakeLib = require('ngmakelib').NGMakeLib;

// Initialize NGMakeLib with entry point source file and module name
var ngMakeLib = new NGMakeLib('src/app/mymodule/mymodule.module.ts', 'my-module-library');

// Add the allowSyntheticDefaultImports to support 'moment'
ngMakeLib.ngcConfig.compilerOptions.allowSyntheticDefaultImports = true;

// Create the library { console.log("All done"); });

Watch mode during development

./node_modules/.bin/ngmakelib --watch src/app/mymodule/mymodule.module.ts mymodule-library 0.1.1

And then you can link the .ngmakelibtmp/build folder to any project where you want to test consuming the library.

Note when linking from an @angular/cli host app

In angular-cli.json under defaults -> build you should set the preserveSymlinks to true like this:

"defaults": {
   "build": {
      "preserveSymlinks": true

this prevents the linked library from using it's own node_modules folder for resolving dependencies - which can cause unwanted effects when using linked mode.

Adding assets

If you need to include assets like images, other js script files, webassembly binaries etc, ngmakelib supports adding these to the assets folder of the exported library.

When consuming a library in assets in Angular CLI, you need to add the following to your angular-cli.json:

    "assets": [
      { "glob": "**/*", "input": "../node_modules/my-library/assets/", "output": "./assets/" }        

Replace my-library with the name of your library.

For adding assets with ngmakelib you will use the addAssets method of the ngmakelib api.

Here's an example script for building a library with assets (taken from the angular-git-filebrowser project

var NGMakeLib = require('ngmakelib').NGMakeLib;

// Initialize NGMakeLib with entry point source file and module name
var ngMakeLib = new NGMakeLib('src/lib/filebrowser.module.ts', 'angular-filebrowser');

// Add assets
    ].map(a => 'src/assets/' +a)

if(process.argv[process.argv.length-1] === '--watch') {
    // Create the library and watch for changes;
} else {
    // Build package that can be published;

Developing ngmakelib

The development environment is set up with mocha test suites that you can run by typing:

npm run test

You'll find the sources for these in the test folder.

Also there's is the examplelibrary_src folder that is used in the test suites. This contains an example source for a library.

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