DevTools for Redux using Angular 1.x
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$ cnpm install ng-redux-dev-tools 
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Angular Redux DevTools

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The goal of this version of the Redux DevTools is to provide a React free developer tools for your Redux/Angular apps, speeding your development build


  • Lets you inspect every state and action payload
  • Lets you go back in time by “cancelling” actions


The Angular Redux DevTools are largely inspired by DockMonitor and LogMonitor with a bit changes to adapt them to the Angular environment. You need to still be careful to not include these tools into production environment. This version is not using the base Redux DevTools because it requires to have React in your project. Any suggestions or improvements are welcome. Make sure to follow advices given by Dan Abramov on Redux DevTools because they basically work basically the same.


npm install --save-dev ng-redux-dev-tools


DevTools are pretty easy to use in Angular, everything you have to do is :

  • Import the Angular module ngReduxDevTools
  • Use the devToolsServiceProvider.instrument store enhancer
  • Add the monitors you want (dock-monitor and log-monitor are packaged with the tools) directive to your main HTML file and you're ready to go !

Here's an example :


import {module} from 'angular';
import ngRedux from 'ng-redux';
import ngReduxDevTools from 'ng-redux-dev-tools';

import reducer from './reducer';

module('myApp', [ngRedux, ngReduxDevTools])
  .config(function ($ngReduxProvider, devToolsServiceProvider) {
    $ngReduxProvider.createStoreWith(reducer, [], [devToolsServiceProvider.instrument()]);


<!doctype html>
<html lang="fr">
    <meta charset="UTF-8">
    <title>Angular Redux DevTools</title>
  <body ng-app="myApp">

That's it. Simple ? (The default key to show the DevTools is Ctrl-H)


See the API Reference.

Running example

Clone the project:

git clone
cd ng-redux-dev-tools

Install npm packages in the root folder:

npm install

Install gulp on your machine if not already present:

npm install -g gulp

Finally run the following command:

gulp serve

It's a basic counter example, any changes made to the code (even in the example folder) will reload the browser automatically.

Custom Monitors

In the Angular version of the tools, it's event simpler to add a new monitor. Here what you need to do :


// Stupid example that displays all staged actions
angular.module('ngCustomMonitor', ['ngRedux', 'ngReduxDevToolsServices'])
  .directive('customMonitor', function () {
    return {
      restrict: 'E',
      template: '<div class="custom-monitor">{{customMonitorCtrl.stagedActions}}</div>',
      controllerAs: 'customMonitorCtrl',
      controller(devToolsService, devToolsActionCreatorsService, $scope) {

        // Connect your controller to the dev tools
        const unsubscribe = devToolsService.connect()(state => state)(this);
        $scope.$on('$destroy', unsubscribe);

        // Do anything you want from here...

        // This is the dev tools store, if you want the application store, use $ngRedux =;

        // Dev tools implements basic action creators (reset, revert, sweep, commit, toggleAction, jumpToState)
        this.reset = function () {
  .config(function (devToolsServiceProvider) {

    // Register a custom reducer on the dev tool store allowing us to use redux to manage state of tools
    // without polluting you application state
    devToolsServiceProvider.registerReducer((state, action) => {
      if (action.type === 'FOO') {
        return {foo: 'bar'};

      return state;

See this issue if you want to learn more about what thing are available to you in the dev tool state and what action you can perform



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