A command line tool to help avoid common build issues when creating Android and IOS apps with Ionic & Cordova
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$ cnpm install natapp-cli 
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natapp cli

The aim of the natapp cli is to help avoid common issues when building mobile applications with ionic-native. Below you can see a list of checks to see what we support


$ natapp doctor check | Alias natapp d c - by default this will run all checks for both IOS and Android. Available flags: --ios , --android (filters the checks to the specified flag)

$ natapp doctor list | Alias: natapp d ls - lists all the checks that are available. Available flags: --ios , --android (filters the list to the specified flag)

For a detailed look at what each command does you can run: $ natapp doctor <command> -help


The checks that are run are stored in the /checks folder, Each Check is simply a factory function which should contain the following public information:

  • Name of check
  • Platform (ios, android, both)
  • Test Method
  • Solution Method
  • Automatic solution(boolean)

Both the test and solution method should return an object detailing the outcome of the check / solution. e.g.:

return {
    success: true,
    error: null,
    message: 'Successfully instlled Ionic WkWebView Plugin'

To add a new check simply add a new JS file to /checks folder include the above information. Export your factory function and import it within the /checks/index.js file.

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