Schedule work to be completed when the browser is idle.
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$ cnpm install nanoscheduler 
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Schedule work to be completed when the user agent is idle. Weighs 270 bytes compressed.


var NanoScheduler = require('nanoscheduler')

var scheduler = NanoScheduler()
var i = 10000
while (i--) scheduler.push(() => console.log(`idle time! ${}`))


Just like with window.requestAnimationFrame, it's much more efficient to share a single instance than to call it for each piece of work. There's a significant overhead when scheduling small amounts of work. This package allows sharing a scheduler as a singleton, which makes it particularly useful to be shared between multiple applications.


scheduler = NanoScheduler()

Create a new scheduler instance. The instance is shared as a singleton on window (if available).


Push a callback into the scheduler, to be executed when the user agent is idle.


$ npm install nanoscheduler



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