Smol frontend router
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$ cnpm install nanorouter 
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Smol frontend router


var nanorouter = require('nanorouter')
var router = nanorouter({ default: '/404' })

router.on('/foo', function (params) {
  console.log('hit /foo')
router.on('/foo/:bar', function (params) {
  console.log('hit a route with params',
router.on('/foo#baz', function (params) {
  console.log('we do hash routes too!')
router.on('/foo/*', function (params) {
  console.log('and even wildcards', params.wildcard)



How is this different from sheet-router?

sheet-router does slightly more and has a different syntax. This router is lighter, faster and covers less concerns. They're pretty similar under the hood though.


router = nanorouter([opts])

Create a new router. opts can be:

  • opts.default: set a default handler in case no route matches. Defaults to /404

router.on(routename, handler(params))

Register a handler on a routename. The handler receives an object with params on each render. A result can be returned the caller function.

result = router.emit(routename)

Call a handler for a routename. If no handler matches, the handler specified in opts.default will be called. If no default handler matches, an error will be thrown. Results returned from the called handler will be returned from this function.

matchedRoute = router.match(route)

Matches a route and returns an object. The returned object contains the properties {cb, params, route}. This method does not invoke the callback of a route. If no route matches, the route specified in opts.default will be returned. If no default route matches, an error will be thrown.

Note that router() does not affect browser history. If you would like to add or modify history entries when you change routes, you should use history.pushState() and history.replaceState() alongside router().

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