Tiny message bus
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Tiny message bus.


var nanopubsub = require('nanopubsub')
var bus = nanopubsub()

bus.on('flush', function () {
  console.log('all events done!')

bus.sub('beep:boop', function (data, done) {
  console.log('boop was called')
})'beep:boop', function () {
  console.log('calling beep:boop done!')


How do I handle errors?

Emit an event like you'd do with everything else. There is no need for global error handling because it can be implemented by consumers.

How do I publish from a subscriber?

You can call from inside bus.sub - wait with calling done() until the call has resolved to guarantee the right ordering of events.

How do I namespace events?

This is done through convention. We recommend namespacing events using the : separator (e.g. bus.sub('foo:bar')).


bus = nanopubsub()

Create a new message bus.

bus.sub(eventName, callback(data, done))

Create a new subscriber for an event. done() should be called when the subscriber is done., [data], callback)

Emit a new event with optional data attacked. The callback is called once all handlers are done.

bus.on(eventName, callback)

Listen to global events on the message bus. There are a few events available:

  • bus.on('flush'): called when all calls have resolved.
  • bus.on('pub'): called every time a call is fired. eventName and data are passed to the callback.



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