A tiny and performant process that streams block data from a Nano currency node over the MQTT messaging protocol
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$ cnpm install nano-stream-mqtt 
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A tiny and performant client that streams block data from a Nano currency node over the MQTT messaging protocol.

It builds on the socket stream of block data set up by the nano-stream-x library.


Install both nano-stream-x and nano-stream-mqtt as global packages:

npm install --global nano-stream-x
npm install --global nano-stream-mqtt


Start the stream


This will start a streaming server on To override these:

nano-stream-x host=ip6-localhost port=3001

Start the MQTT client


By default you will connect to mqtt:// To connect to a different host:

nano-stream-mqtt host=mqtts://

Data will be sent to the default topic nanostream. To set a different topic:

nano-stream-mqtt topic=my_topic

To connect with a username and password:

nano-stream-mqtt username=my_username password=my_password

Configure your Nano node to send data to nano-stream-x

Your Nano node is easily configured to send block processing data to a server (in this case nano-stream-x). See the wiki article (external link) for how to set this up.

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