Node Addon Developer, a tool to inject your addon code into a copy of the node codebase in order to integrate with IDEs and debuggers easily.
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$ cnpm install nad 
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Node Addon Developer, a tool to inject your addon code into a copy of the node codebase in order to integrate with IDEs and debuggers easily.



npm install -g nad

Getting Started

nad init my-addon
cd my-addon

## Try the node-gyp build
node ./my-addon.js

## Generate Xcode project and open it (nad build runs nad configure automatically with defaults)
## By default nad builds with Ninja (brew install ninja). Run "nad configure --make" to build with Make instead.
nad build
nad open

## Select node target in Xcode and try to build if it fails see ## Caveats and nad fix

Changes To Your Code

  • nad uses your binding.gyp file to determine what to inject into the node build
  • however in order for the binding resolution to work when you run it as an addon as well as when you run it from within node, do the following

Install nad-bindings:

npm install -S nad-bindings

Replace binding resolution in your addon. As an example here is the diff for leveldown:

-    , binding           = require('bindings')('leveldown.node').leveldown
+    , binding           = require('nad-bindings')('leveldown').leveldown


nad init

Initializes nad project in current dir, i.e. nad init my-addon

nad configure

usage: nad configure <options> 

  Overrides configuration options for building your node addon project.


  -h, --help      Print this help message.
  --cc            C compiler to use (default: clang)
  --cxx           C++ compiler to use (default: clang++)
  --link          Linker to use (default: clang++)
  --target        node version into which to inject the addon (default: version of node in path or --nodedir)
  --nodedir       Directory that contains source code of node into which to inject the addon (overrides target) (default: ./node-<target>)
  --nodename      Name of the node you are using, defaults to iojs.
  --make          By default nad builds with Ninja cause it's much faster. In order to use make instead supply this flag.

Once `nad configure` ran successfully use `nad build` to build with your addon.


  # Fetch and compile node v0.10.31 with gcc, link with ld
  nad configure --cc gcc --cxx gcc --link ld --target 0.10.31

  # Use the node installation we cloned locally
  nad configure --nodedir ../node

nad build

Injects project in current folder into node build and rebuilds it.

nad open

Opens the Xcode project for the addon in the current folder.

nad fetch

Fetches source for configured node version.

nad inject

Injects project in current folder into node build.

nad restore

Restores node build to its original state by removing the addon project that was injected previously.

nad help

Prints help about nad configure


For node<v0.12 you may get an error when running with Xcode Xcode does not properly copy over the into it's DerivedSources. So if you get an error similar to:

clang: error: no such file or directory:
clang: error: no input files
Command /Applications/ failed with exit
code 1k

nad fix

If the error is as follows (1234 being the project hash):

'/Users/thlorenz/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/node-1234/Build/Products/DerivedSources/Debug/' ...

Fix it via :

nad fix 1234


nad::injectNodeExtensions(node_extensions_h_file, node_extensions_cc_file, extensions, cb)

Injects source into node_extensions.h file to include NODE_EXT_LIST_ITEM macro calls for all valid targets of the addon.

This is only necessary for node < v0.11 since node_extensions.h and drastically changed during 0.11 development until they completely disappeared around v0.11.12. Starting with v0.11.13 an addon module can be loaded dynamically even if it is not registered in the source code.


For targets [ 'node_foo', 'node_bar' ] it injects following code into node_extensions.h


Then it modifies in order to find our addons even if they don't start with node_.

Name Type Description
node_extensions_h_file string

full path to node_extensions.h

node_extensions_cc_file string

full path to

extensions Array.<string>

the extensions to insert

cb function

called back when injection is completed


nad::injectNodeGyp(projectDir, nodeDir, cb)

Injects necessary adjustments into node.gyp in order to include files of the addon found inside binding.gyp in the node build.

Name Type Description
projectDir string

full path to the directory of the addon project (where the binding.gyp file lives)

nodeDir string

full path to the directory at which the node source code is located (alongside node.gyp)

cb function

invoked when finished


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