Get a list of all the named functions you defined in your prokect
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Get a list of all of the named functions you defined in your project

NOTE: This depends on deep-ast which uses synchronous I/O and should not be used at request time.


myFuncs : (filename: String) => (() => Array<String>|Error)

my-funcs exposes one function which takes a filename. the file is loaded and then a deep-ast is generated based on the file. The AST is then traversed and each named function is found and returned.


npm install --save my-funcs


Running on it's own source, my-funcs will generate a list of functions:

var myFuncs = require('myFuncs');

// ['myFuncs', 'getNames', 'findFunctions', 'findFunction', 'getFunctionNameFromNode']

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