Spawn and merge tap-producing tests
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$ cnpm install multi-tap 
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Spawn and merge tap-producing tests. Accepts JavaScript entries (spawns node by default), package.json files or directories containing a package.json (spawns npm run test by default). Can run multiple test scripts per package, with glob pattern support.

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Let's say we have a monorepo with a bunch of packages with self-contained tests, as well as functional tests at the root of the monorepo:


require('tape')('monorepo', function (t) {
  t.ok(true, 'beep')


module.exports = function hasWindow () {
  return typeof window !== 'undefined'


const test = require('tape')
    , hasWindow = require('.')

test('return value', function (t) {
  const expected = !!process.browser, expected, 'value is ' + expected)


  "name": "has-window",
  "scripts": {
    "test:node": "node test.js",
    "test:browser": "browserify test.js | smokestack",
    "test": "multi-tap -r test:*"

With multi-tap, we can run all three test suites:

> multi-tap test-*.js packages/*
TAP version 13
# monorepo
ok 1 beep
# has-window › browser › return value            
ok 2 value is true
# has-window › node › return value                    
ok 3 value is false
# tests 3
# pass  3

# ok

multi-tap [options] [pattern(s)]


 --run            -r  npm script(s) to run ("test")
 --ignore-missing -i  don't fail on missing npm scripts (false)
 --basedir        -b  resolve patterns from this path (cwd)
 --cwd            -c  working directory for js entries (cwd)
 --binary      --bin  command for js entries ("node")
 --stderr         -e  inherit standard error (false)
 --fail-fast      -f  if a test fails, cancel subsequent tests (false)
 --version        -v  print multi-tap version and exit

Spawn npm test for packages/one and packages/two, pipe the merged output to the tap-spec reporter:

multi-tap packages/{one,two} | tap-spec

Spawn beep <file> in working directory /tmp for each file in test:

multi-tap --bin beep --cwd /tmp test/*.js

Spawn two npm scripts in the current directory:

multi-tap -r test-node -r test-chrome

Short options can be joined together. This runs the test suites of modules/middleware-*, fast failing, showing stderr, and ignoring packages without a test script:

multi-tap middleware-* -efib modules | faucet

multitap([pattern(s)], [options])

const multi = require('multi-tap')



These options are available for both the CLI and API:

  • basedir: resolve patterns from this path, defaults to process.cwd()
  • stderr: inherit standard error (false)
  • failFast: if a test fails, cancel subsequent tests (false)

Additional options that only apply to packages:

  • run: npm script(s) to run ("test")
  • ignoreMissing: don't fail on missing npm scripts. Adds a passing assertion with a skip directive. Default behavior is to add a failing assertion with a TODO directive.

Additional options that only apply to js entries:

  • cwd: working directory, defaults to process.cwd()
  • binary: command to run, defaults to node

Unix note: if your shell performs glob expansion but you want to resolve glob patterns from basedir, quote or escape the pattern(s) so that multi-tap performs the glob expansion instead:

# a.js, b.js
multi-tap --basedir lib *.js

# lib/a.js, lib/b.js
multi-tap --basedir lib \*.js


With npm do:

npm install multi-tap



  • Run tests in series
  • Rename --runner/-r to --binary/--bin
  • Add --run/-r to specify npm script(s) with glob support
  • Check if npm script(s) are defined before spawning
  • Add --fail-fast/-f option
  • Prefix TAP comments with package name and npm script


MIT © ironSource.

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