Light wrapper around node driver to abstract out modintercom-specific functions

This module has been discontinued and is unmaintained. Please see the Intercom API docs for details on the official node.js client.
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$ cnpm install mongodb-js-intercom 
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Light wrapper around's API requests to abstract out intercom-specific methods


npm install mongodb-js-intercom
var intercom = require('mongodb-js-intercom');


The wrapper exposes three basic functions getUsers, getUsersBySegment, and getCount.

getUsers(<lastNumDays>, callback);

getUsers returns a list of users. Expects an integer for lastNumDays and a callback - lastNumDays limits the return results to only users created in the last lastNumDays days, omit this parameter to get all users ever created.

getUsersBySegment(<segment>, callback);

getUsersBySegment returns a list of users that are in a specified segment. Expects a string for segment and a callback - segment should be an existing segment in Intercom.

getCount(<type>, <count>, callback);

getCount returns a list of key + count pairs, Expects a string for type and count and a callback - type determines the unit of grouping (company, segment, tag, users) and count determines how to bucket the units


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