Jalaali (Jalali, Persian, Khorshidi, Shamsi) calendar system plugin for moment.js.
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A Jalaali (Jalali, Persian, Khorshidi, Shamsi) calendar system plugin for moment.js based on moment-jalaali. This plugin adds Jalaali calendar support to momentjs library.

Jalali calendar

Jalali calendar is a solar calendar that was used in Persia, variants of which today are still in use in Iran as well as Afghanistan. Read more on Wikipedia or see Calendar Converter. Calendar conversion is based on the algorithm provided by Kazimierz M. Borkowski and has a very good performance.

Where to use it

Like momentjs, moment-jalaali-es works in browser and in Node.js.


yarn add moment-jalaali-es

# OR

npm install moment-jalaali-es
import moment from 'moment-jalaali-es'



This plugin tries to mimic momentjs api. Basically, when you want to format or parse a string, just add a j to the format token like 'jYYYY' or 'jM'. For example:

m = moment('1360/5/26', 'jYYYY/jM/jD') // Parse a Jalaali date
m.format('jYYYY/jM/jD [is] YYYY/M/D') // 1360/5/26 is 1981/8/17

m.jYear() // 1360
m.jMonth() // 4
m.jDate() // 26
m.jDayOfYear() // 150
m.jWeek() // 22
m.jWeekYear() // 1360

m.add(1, 'jYear')
m.add(2, 'jMonth')
m.add(3, 'day')
m.format('jYYYY/jM/jD') // 1361/7/29

m.format('jYYYY/jM/jD') // 1361/12/1

m.format('jYYYY/jM/jD') // 1392/1/1

m.subtract(1, 'jYear')
m.subtract(1, 'jMonth')
m.format('jYYYY/jM/jD') // 1390/12/1

moment('1391/12/30', 'jYYYY/jMM/jDD').isValid() // true (leap year)
moment('1392/12/30', 'jYYYY/jMM/jDD').isValid() // false (common year)
moment.jIsLeapYear(1391) // true
moment.jIsLeapYear(1392) // false

moment.jDaysInMonth(1395, 11) // 30
moment.jDaysInMonth(1394, 11) // 29

moment('1392/6/3 16:40', 'jYYYY/jM/jD HH:mm').format('YYYY-M-D HH:mm:ss') // 2013-8-25 16:40:00

moment('2013-8-25 16:40:00', 'YYYY-M-D HH:mm:ss').endOf('jMonth').format('jYYYY/jM/jD HH:mm:ss') // 1392/6/31 23:59:59

// Complex parse:
moment('1981 5 17', 'YYYY jM D').format('YYYY/MM/DD') // 1981/07/17

To add Persian language, use loadPersian method:



Param Type Default Description Example
usePersianDigits Boolean false Use persian digits (Use at your own risk) moment.loadPersian({usePersianDigits: true})
dialect * String persian Available values = persian, persian-modern moment.loadPersian({dialect: 'persian-modern'})

*use dialect option to change usePersian dialect, available options are:

  • persian: default dialect(امرداد، آدینه، ...)
  • persian-modern: modern dialect(مرداد، جمعه، ...)

Related Projects


The base of this project which is UMD and single file build is jalaali/moment-jalaali.


A lightweight angular.js date picker using moment-jalaali is thg303/ng-jalali-flat-datepicker created by @thg303.


A library based on moment-jalaali for calculating holidays in Persian calendar is shkarimpour/pholiday created by @shkarimpour.


Another calendar system plugin for momentjs is moment-hijri created by @xsoh.



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