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This package provides the test command for the mojito-cli tool. Install mojito-cli and mojito-cli-test with the following: npm install -g mojito-cli


The command should be invoked at the top directory level of your Mojito application, which should also have mojito installed locally.

mojito test [options] <app|mojit> [path]

mojito test uses yuitest to run unit tests in files ending in -tests.js, and whose YUI module name ends in -tests.


To run all tests for a Mojito application:

$ cd path/to/mojito/app
$ mojito test app

To run just a mojit's tests:

$ mojito test mojit path/to/mojit


$ mojito test mojit MojitName

By default, the test results are written to both stdout and saved in a JUnitXML-formatted file at artifacts/test/result.xml. To specify a different destination, use the --directory option (see below).

Run only the tests in the YUI module named "mod-a-tests":

$ mojito test app --testname mod-a-tests

Run only the tests in the YUI modules named "mod-a-tests" and "mod-b-tests", in the mojit Foo:

$ mojito test mojit Foo --testname mod-a-tests --testname mod-b-tests


Instrument the code and generate a code coverage report, using yuitest-coverage:


To specify a destination directory for the test results (default is artifacts/test):

--directory <path>
-d <path>

To run only a specific test or tests (option can be used multiple times):

--testname <yui module name>
-t <yui module name>

Note, the YUI module name is the first parameter to YUI.add() in it's source definition.

To specify a temporary directory that will be used to copy instrumented code for code coverage, use the option below. By default, the system's default directory for temp files is used, as determined by os.tmpdir().

--tempdir <path>
-t <path>

To enable diagnostic output to the console, use any of the following flags:



Licensing and Contributions

BSD licensed, see LICENSE.txt. To contribute to the Mojito project, please see Contributing.

The Mojito project is a meritocratic, consensus-based community project, which allows anyone to contribute and gain additional responsibilities.

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