An object with all the same methods as console in the browser. But does nothing.
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$ cnpm install mockconsole 
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What is this?

A tiny browser module that builds and returns an object with the same methods as console but with no-op functions.

Suitable for use with browserify/CommonJS on the client.

If you want to use as a standalone or with AMD use mockconsole.umd.js.

Can be handy for modules that export constructors where you wnat to be able to pass in a logger as an option.


npm install mockconsole

Demo / How to use it

var mockconsole = require('mockconsole');

// this way someone can pass in `window.console` or something
// like as the logger for logging
// If it's not passed in no code needs to change.
function Human(options) {
    this.console = options.logger || mockconsole;
} = function () {
    this.console.log('dance human!');   



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