Command-line tool to post data to the Mixpanel Engage API for People Data.
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$ cnpm install mixpanel-engage-post -g
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Command-line tool to post data to the Mixpanel Engage API for People Data. Example usage are batch delete Mixpanel profiles, set people properties, remove properties, create new profiles, etc. See Mixpanel's HTTP API reference for the /engage endpoint for all possibilities of use.

Simply pipe in the data and the tool will automatically take care of updating it in batches to conform to Mixpanel's limit of 50 updates per API call.

This script is especially powerful in combination with mixpanel-engage-query that allow you to query the Mixpanel Engage API and export people profiles.


Install Node.js.

Type npm install --global mixpanel-engage-post

That's it! Run it by typing engagepost in your terminal.


To run the script you must specify your Mixpanel API key, secret and your token either as parameters, as environment variables MIXPANEL_API_KEY, MIXPANEL_API_SECRET and MIXPANEL_API_TOKEN, in a .env file located in the script's directory (typically useful if you check out the source from Github) or in a .engagerc file in your home directory.

Example of .env and ~/.engagerc file:



Typically you will put together a JSON-formatted file with an array of updates/deletions/changes/etc to perform on profiles. See the HTTP API reference for details.

Using mixpanel-engage-query you may query your existing profiles using a condition (e.g. $last_seen is older than a certain date or a special property is not set) and export a list. Protip: Use jq to process the result into a desired format.

Note: For your convenince the script will automatically add the $token property to each entry in the array.

When done, pipe this file to the script to have it perform the changes.


Batch delete people profiles

cat profiles-to-delete.json | engagepost

Where profiles-to-delete.json is:

    "$distinct_id": "12391",
    "$delete": ""
    "$distinct_id": "12408",
    "$delete": ""

This will delete the profiles of users with id 12391 and 12408.

Example using mixpanel-engage-query and jq to produce file in same format:

engage. -q 'properties["$last_seen"] < "2015-04-24T22:00:00"' | jq '[.[] | { "$distinct_id", "$delete": "" }]'

This will result in a JSON file that when used with engagepost will delete the profiles of all users last seen prior to 24th of April, 2015.

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