TypeScript SDK For Mixbee blockchain
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$ cnpm install mixbee-ts-sdk 
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TypeScript SDK For Mixbee blockchain

Version V1.0.1


The project is a comprehensive TypeScript library for the Mixbee blockchain. Currently, it supports local wallet management, digital identity management, digital asset management, deployment, and envoke for Smart Contract.

Getting started



git clone 'ssh://git@code.wenchain.com:23333/mix/mixbee-tx-sdk.git'


  1. create your project root dir
mkdir MIX
cd MIX
  1. must be in your root project dir,here are /MIX
npm install 'mixbee-ts-sdk'


Get into the 'mixbee-ts-sdk' directory and run:

npm run build:dev // or npm run build:prod

You will get the packaged code under '/lib'


Test code of the project is in directory '/test'. Run:

npm run test


Modules library export by 'mixbee-ts-sdk'

import {Wallet} from 'mixbee-ts-sdk';
var wallet = Wallet.create('test');


var Mbc = require('mixbee-ts-sdk');
var wallet = Mbc.Wallet.create('test');

Web require

The browser.js file under the '/lib' folder need referenced to the page:

<script src="./lib/browser.js"></script>

The use of the code is required under the global namespace of Ont.

var wallet = Mbc.Wallet.create('test');

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