An alternative to `m.route`. Exposes the History API using a thin Stack abstraction with routing utility functions
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$ cnpm install mithril-history-router 
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An alternative to m.route. Exposes the History API using a thin Stack abstraction with routing utility functions


npm install mithril #peer dependency

npm install --save mithril-history-router


var m = require('mithril')
var r = require('mithril-history-router')

r.route(document.body, '/', {
  '/': {
    controller: function () {},
    view: function (ctrl) {
      return m('a[href=/other]', {config: r.anchor()})
  '/other': {
    controller: function () {},
    view: function (ctrl) {
      return m('h1', 'Page 2')



r.router(rootElm, defaultRoute, routesHash)

Takes DOM Element rootElm and mounts routes according to components in routesHash as with m.route(elm, default, routes). defaultRoute can be seen as an error state as this is where the router will navigate to if there is not match found in routesHash.

Routes can contain :param and * splats. See http-hash for details.

Stack methods

r.push(url, state)

Push a new history entry. Allows to pass a state object as well which is persisted to the history stack. Note that this state element may be 600B serializes at most.

r.replace(url, state)

Replace the current History entry and redraw


Equivalent to pressing back


Return {url, state}


r.anchor(state, operation)

Similar to {config: m.route} except it allows you to pass a state object and choose how the browser navigates using one of the stack methods. Defaults to r.push. state is passed to the operation.


Return the current window.history.state or null


Return a object with the current path parameters or null


Return the current splat or null

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