web development server for bundlers and/or static files, parses terminal and DOM errors ( inline sourcemaps supported )
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$ cnpm install miru 
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見る miru

development CLI utility tool and web server for module bundlers (eg: webpack, browserify ) and/or static files

Easy to use

npm install -g miru
# miru -w [ <watch command>, <target bundle filepath> ]
miru --path public -w [ webpack -w src/app.js -o public/bundle.js, public/bundle.js ]

TIP! make an npm script of each step!

// package.json
"scripts": {
  "watch:js:browserify": "watchify --debug --verbose -t babelify src/app.js -o public/bundle.js",
  "watch:js": "webpack --watch --mode=development --debug --devtool=inline-source-map --config webpack.config.js",
  "watch:css": "stylus -w -u autoprefixer-stylus src/app.styl -o public/bundle.css",
  "html:dev": "cp templates/index-dev.html public/index.html",
  "prewatch": "npm run html:dev",
  "watch": "miru -p public -w [ npm run watch:js -o public/bundle.js -r '/bytes.written/' ] -w [ npm run watch:css -o public/bundle.css ] -t public/index.html -f templates/index-dev.html -e 'npm run html:dev'"

add miru-connect.js script to your index-dev.html (index.html) ( created by miru at start inside the --path directory or current working directory by default )

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
  <meta charset="UTF-8">
  <link href="bundle.css" rel="stylesheet">
  <script src="miru-connect.js"></script>
  <script src="bundle.js"></script>


  • run and organize/synchronize multiple module bundling watchers at the same time
  • connect across any number of devices and browsers at the same time
  • parses and prettifies errors on the terminal and displays it across all connected browsers
  • parses and prettifies inline source maps automatically
  • parses and prettifies DOM Errors and displays them also on the terminal
  • live reloading and css quick refreshing across all connected browsers
  • CSS debugging on/off (using pesticide) across all connected browsers ( browser: F8, STDIN pest on )
  • watch arbitrary files and execute shell scripts on changes
  • inspect console output from any of the connected browsers ( including mobile )
  • turn css quick refeshing off ( will page reload instead ) ( on by default )
  • control and inspect connected devices/browsers in various ways using the STDIN interface ( list devices, issue page reload, inspect console output, list watch process, list target files, etc ) - see bottom of ## Arguments section for details

About (Who watches the watchers?)

A simple web server ( express and socket.io ) originally intended for running module bundlers in watch mode ( eg: webpack -w, watchify ) with added support for web development and Shell Execution on file changes.


Most bundlers are great at what they do and come with their own --watch modes (rollup, webpack, stylus etc), they have great error parsing and do their specific thing very well. Miru embraces this, simply mirroring what they print to the terminal into the browser along with live reloading and some honey on top.

...but why though?

Because it reduces the contexts you're switching between by at least 1 (usually from 3 to 2).

Without miru you'll have your eyes between your source code, your terminal running your watcher and the browser running your code.

With miru your browser stays in sync with your terminal output, no longer do you have to double check the terminal to make sure your bundle was generated successfully or that an error occured during bundle generation. Live reloading is a nice plus.

No need for browser extensions, allows for a nice dev experience across multiple devices, develop simultaneously against tablets, mobiles and desktop monitors.

Miru simply spits the terminal output to the browser ( with some prettyfying and honey ) as well as cleaning up your command-line watchers into a concice, clear workflow. Keeping them nicely separate but also together.

For who?

Probably people who prefer npm scripts over monolithic boilerplates and convoluted configs (not that there's anything wrong with boilerplates or configs, as long as they're well maintained, straightforward and clear!)


miru simply runs commands, preferably npm scripts, as child_process.spawn's and attaches listeners to their std.out and std.err streams to figure out when various interesting events occur, such as successful builds, errors and crashes, additionally providing useful things like auto-recovery, live reloads and errors in the browser.

miru creates a miru-connect.js file on startup in the --path directory (current working directory by default) that you link to in your index.html page. This script (miru-connect.js) simply connects to the miru express (w/ socket.io) server on port 4040 to listen for interesting events.

miru serves the -p, --path directory but you'll probably want to run your own http server to serve your content and simply have the miru dev server (running on port 4040) available for the miru-connect.js script to connect to.

Sample index.html

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
  <meta charset="UTF-8">
  <title>Moon moon</title>
  <link href="bundle.css" rel="stylesheet">
  <div id="root"></div>
  <!-- miru-connect.js connects to http:// + window.location.hostname + :4040 -->
  <script src="miru-connect.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
  <script src="bundle.js" type="text/javascript"></script>


$ miru --help
  Usage: miru [options]


  -p, --path <dir>                      Specify path (current directory by default)
                                        Usually path to public directory.

                                        This is also the path where miru creates "miru-connect.js"
                                        which you should <script src="miru-connect.js"> on your html
                                        page to enable live reloads and error reporting directly
                                        within the page/browser.

  -w, --watch [ <command> -o <file> [-r '/regexPattern/'] ]

                                        Specify watch command and target file bundle and optionally
                                        a regex pattern for triggering reload events. When the regex
                                        pattern matches the stdout of the watch process an event is sent
                                        to all connected clients to reload or refresh their js/css.

                                        miru-connect.js refreshes corresponding <link href="file.css">
                                        or reloads <script src="file.js"> tags on the html page where
                                        <script src="miru-connect.js"> is loaded.

                                        "miru-connect.js" is created inside the --path directory
                                        when miru starts

  -t, --targets <file>                  Add arbitrary target files not linked to a watch process.
                                        When these files change, they will send a reload event
                                        (or css refresh if they are css files) to all connected clients.

                                        styles ( *.css ) are attempted to refresh if the basename
                                        is found on a link tag inside the DOM. This makes live editing
                                        CSS super fast and smooth.

                                        scripts ( *.js ) and all other files trigger a page reload.

                                        miru-connect.js will listen for DOM Errors -- and if the
                                        basename of the source file of the error matches a
                                        file in --targets then it will pass the error
                                        back to the miru.js sever for parsing. The parsing is
                                        done by wooster and the result is sent back to the client.
                                        The parsed error output is then rendered on the screen
                                        for easier debugging.

                                        Inline source maps are supported:
                                          If the target file includes inline source maps then
                                          the parsed output includes the source map as well.

  -r, --reload                          Always force a page reload when a change event is emitted.
                                        This disables css quick refreshing.

  -f, --files <file>                    Watch arbitray files for changes and execute commands.

  -e, --execute <command>               Execute commands when any of the --files have changed.

                                        '$evt' and '$file' strings in the <command> parameter
                                        are substituted accordingly.

                                            miru -f package.json -e 'echo $evt: $file'

  -v, --verbose                         Enable verbose mode

  -V, --version                         Display miru version
  -h, --help                            Display help information (this text)

  STDIN Terminal Commands:  the miru process listens for line separated std input

  devices                   prints a numbered list of connected client/device information
  logs <number>             list console.log output of <number> client ( or all clients if undefined )
  recovery                  prints recovery watcher ( if watcher exits ( should not happen, fix your watcher script ) )
  previous                  prints out previous error
  lan, ip, address          prints out LAN address ( use this address to connect from other devices )
  watchers                  prints watcher commands and targets
  targets                   prints watch targets ( set by --targets and --watch )
  files                     prints watch files ( set by --files )
  executions                prints executions ( set by --execute )
  error                     prints active watcher errors ( or empty if nothing is active )
  pesticide <bool>          enable or disable pesticide ( CSS debugger ) on all connected clients


npm install --save-dev miru # locally (for use with npm scripts)


npm install -g miru # globally


With bundling tools like browserify, webpack, rollup or stylus

miru works best with bundling tools like browserify, webpack, rollup or stylus etc that are equipped with a --watch mode.


miru --path public --watch [ 'watchify -v src/app.js -o public/bundle.js' -o public/bundle.js ]

miru -p public -w [ 'webpack -w -e src/app.js -o public/bundle.js' -o public/bundle.js ]

combine watchers ( usually 1 for css and 1 for js ):

miru -p public -w [ 'rollup -w src/app.js -o public/bundle.js' -o public/bundle.js ] --watch [ 'stylus -w -r src/app.styl -o public/bundle.css' -o public/bundle.css ]

miru can also work with bundlers without a --watch mode relying on the built-in recovery watcher. But this isn't ideal.

by default the recovery watcher watches for changes on **/.js or **/.(css|less|sass|scss|styl) files depending on the target file suffix.

It gets its name because it's mainly used to recover when your build watcher exits/crashes for some reason.. ( hits rollup with a large trout )

You can list the --watch commands and their targets with the stdin command watch:

$ miru --watch [ 'echo "giraffe"' -o test/stage/bundle.js ]
server listening at *:4040 ( IPv4 )
LAN addresses:

watcher exited [ echo giraffe ], target: test/stage/bundle.js
launching recovery watcher for [ echo giraffe ], target: test/stage/bundle.js
client connected: Windows 10 Chrome 62.0.3202.94
recovery watcher watching 50 files - type 'recovery' to see list
  echo giraffe    test/stage/bundle.js

static files

miru can also work without a bundler and treat files as --targets without any watch processes attached.

Every time a --target file is changed it will trigger a build success event which will either:

  1. Rreload the page ( if anything other than a *.css file ) or
  2. Refresh the targeted *.css files on the page ( without reloading the page )

Use the --reload flag to force all changes to reload the page and disable css refreshing.

You can list the --targets with the stdin command targets. This also includes any targets bound to watch processes with the -w, --watch [ <command> -o <file> ] command:

$ miru --targets test/stage/bundle.js
server listening at *:4040 ( IPv4 )
LAN addresses:
client connected: Windows 10 Chrome 62.0.3202.94
sending target build success: test/stage/bundle.js
sending target build success: test/stage/bundle.js

execute terminal commands on file changes

miru can also watch an arbitrary number of --files and --execute terminal commands on them.

--execute commands $evt and $file strings will be replaced if they are found with the suspected informations:

  1. $evt will either be add or change i.e. the file will exist
  2. $file will be replaced with the filepath in question relative to the current working directory.

eg: miru --files src/**/*.js --execute 'echo evt: $evt, file: $file' miru --files src/**/*.js --execute 'sshpass -p "giraffe" scp $file user@$file'

or you could use rsync with diffing or whatever you like..

NOTE: you shouldn't pass in the password to sshpass directly in plain text unless you want it to show up in your bash history -- you can read it from a file instead using the sshpass -f arg.

You can list the --files and --executeions with the stdin commands files and executions:

$ miru --files test/stage/app.js -e 'echo file: $file'
number of --files watched: 1
server listening at *:4040 ( IPv4 )
LAN addresses:
client connected: Windows 10 Chrome 62.0.3202.94
watched files: 1
[ '/Users/mollie/code/miru/test/stage/app.js' ]
executions: 1
[ 'echo file: $file' ]

Examples with webpack, browserify, rollup and stylus

Browserify ( using watchify since browserify doesn't come with a --watch mode )

git clone https://github.com/talmobi/miru
cd miru
npm install
cd demos/browserify
npm install
npm start
open localhost:4040

Webpack ( --watch )

git clone https://github.com/talmobi/miru
cd miru
npm install
cd demos/webpack
npm install
npm start
open localhost:4040

Rollup ( --watch )

git clone https://github.com/talmobi/miru
cd miru
npm install
cd demos/rollup
npm install
npm start
open localhost:4040


npm test

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